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Book making


The Cukit was my final year project while studying at design college. I decided to focus on fostering as it is something I feel passionate about. I identified the challenges that foster families face in getting to know their foster child and help them settle in to their new family and environment.

The creation of this kit aims to help break the ice on the arrival of the families foster child. The kit contains a series of games and activities to help form relationships, create memories and ultimately improve the fostering experience for all involved.


The project called for a promotional video, to help explain to the foster family the purpose behind the kit and how the various games and activities help to integrate the foster child into their family. Everything from the motion graphics, script and audio was generated by myself.

It was necessary to carry out lots of user testing on both adults and children. The intention behind this kit was to create a fluid interaction between adults and children with easy flowing games for all to engage with.


When ordering the kit on the website the foster family is asked to fill out some interests/activities that they enjoy doing as a family.​

This data is collected to form a pop up book which becomes a fun exercise for the foster child and family to fill out together once the foster child arrives.

Asset 15.png
Asset 17.png
Asset 16.png

Once each custom kit is made up, it's delivered to your home just in time for the arrival of your foster child. Introducing the kit in the first few days can be a great way to break the ice, as it provides a focus for everyone to engage with.

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